Home Buying

Home Buying

Housing Assistance

Home Buying

One of the original SMARTMOVE® missions was to reduce the stress involved with the Home Buying Process.

To help you understand the process, we've outlined most of the key steps to buying a home, and we’ve detailed the ways that we can provide assistance.

Step One: Get Pre-Approved For a Loan

This is probably the best advantage you can give yourself as a buyer. Sellers will take your offer more seriously and you’ll have an edge over buyers who are not pre-approved. To learn more about the benefits of pre-approval and how to begin, contact your SMARTMOVE® coordinator!

Step Two: Learn the Market

One of the best ways to learn about the market is to be constantly looking at properties. To become familiar with your market, search properties on our National Home Search finder.

Step Three: Choose a Professional

Having an agent represent you as a buyer puts a knowledgeable, professional negotiator in your corner and it doesn’t cost you anything. We can match you with the best sales associate based on your individual home finding needs and requirements.

Step Four: Secure Your Loan

When you find the right home, we can make the process of financing easier with one-stop shopping for a broad selection of lenders and loan products. We’ll help you choose the right loan based on your current finances and how long you plan to own your home. To learn more about securing your loan and how to begin, contact your SMARTMOVE® coordinator!